Atlas Shirked Social Responsibility

Ayn Rand sucked at life. Her books were garbage and no one loved her, not even Rothbard. Also, "If there's one thing that will not be tolerated here, it's imprecision of language."

Harvey Beardman (Atlas in the metaphor) is the businessman with the world on his shoulders, so he decides to shrug off moral obligations and pursue "the virtue of selfishness." Atlas shrugs, ignoring the ecological impact of his actions and engages in selfish profit-seeking at the expense of the environment and the community.

Pollution and deforestation destroy the planet—the world he shrugged off his shoulders falls to the ground and shatters. The economy is destroyed because he engaged in risky speculative investments with borrowed money, but he got bailed out by the government. Yet Beardman lobbies to keep from having to pay higher taxes to pay back the bailouts and subsidies he got with money from the Social Security fund.

The unsound economic and fiscal policies he pushed for through lobbying end up wrecking the economy. Wages become too low for people to afford rent. Jobs disappear so people stop looking for jobs, but the government insists that the economy is doing good because unemployment numbers are down and inflation is driving GDP up. The numbers look good but the reality is different.

The people start to rebel and demand fair wages, accountability, and real fiscal responsibility (which requires higher taxes on the wealthy in order to pay for the bailouts they recieved). So, Beardman (our Atlas) thinks about shrugging off all social responsibilities altogether. He sees no problem with breaking the whole political and economic system, destroying mankind's whole world.

Society tries to curb the businessman's destructive behaviors by fining him for pollution via carbon tax. They try to regulate industry to protect the whole planet—the people and the environment. Atlas, in his egotism, drops out and moves to an anarcho-capitalist commune with other destructive capitalists.

But wait! Harvey Beardman (our Atlas) arrives in Rothbard's Dump, the anarcho-capitalist commune, where he will live with the rest of the wealthy deplorables who have dropped out. Unfortunately (or fortunately) rich folks don't know how to grow crops and there's no poor people to do the wage labor, so they all die of starvation.

In the ashes of the collapsed world order, new social expiriments are allowed to flourish. Many new societies are established on varying principles. Democratic confederalist, anarcho-communist, mutualist, geo-distributist, and geo-libertarian communities pop up all over the place. These new libertarian republics or free socities in the post-capitalist world voluntarily associate within a single global confederacy, allowing for free trade and movement globally, with open immigration, peace, and prosperity for all.

The free societies becomes so cooperative and productive that they automate everything, eliminate poverty, abolish labor, achieve biological immortality, eliminate illnesses and death, get off planet, and build an intergalactic civilization. Scarcity is overcome. Nanobots fashion whatever they want on command—just speak and it is done. You want a sandwich, just say so and invisibly small robots will rearrange atoms to bring one into existence out of thin air! Science and technology so advanced that's it is synonymous with magic!

Everyone lives happily ever after.

The End.

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