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Anti-vaxxers and Chiropractors

Vaccines don't cause autism and chiropractic is pseudo-science.

Even if vaccines cause autism (which they don't), a person can live a happy and fulfilling life with autism. You can't live a happy and fulfilling life if you're dead because you got a completely preventable illness. Also, the guy that did the "research" showing a connection between the MMR vaccine and autism faked the research because he happened to own the patent on an alternative vaccine—he was just a piece of shit trying to scare people away from the usual vaccine in order to sell them his own vaccine instead.

Also, a big group of anti-vaxxers, historically, was chiropractors, who rejected the germ theory and virus theory of disease and insisted that all illness was caused by "spinal subluxations." D. D. Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, who claimed to learn the "science" by channeling the ghost of a dead physician, claimed that back adjustments were suitable alternatives to vaccination. He claimed that the flu, smallpox, and cancer could be prevented and treated with back adjustments. When the government tried to shut him down for practicing medicine without a license, he argued in court that chiropractic was a religion rather than a science and so was protected by religious freedom. Today, chiropractors still peddle bunk pseudo-science, like the claim that acid reflux can be cured with back adjustments and that back adjustments boost the immune system. And all chiropractors got degrees from schools that literally teach pseudo-science. Palmer's lies are still in chiropractic textbooks.

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