Actually, Nazis are still bad

1. Richard Spencer himself says being punched in the face in public has made him afraid to speak out in public and raised the social cost of being a fascist. Thus, punching him in the face is literally endorsed by him as having been effective.

Note also: it was the absolutely minimum amount of violence for the maximum effect in increasing the social cost of being a fascist. Not to mention making Spencer himself into a low-status meme. (i.e., an, ahahaha, punchline.) I don’t think you could have achieved this effect with any smaller amount of violence, precisely applied.

2. Spencer himself has said that his movement needs public expression to work: “if we don’t have a public movement then we are not going to win, period.” Thus, no-platforming is literally endorsed by him as an effective strategy.

3. The German Nationalists in Austria before World War II used organisation at universities as a primary strategy. No-platform that shit.

4. Shutting Milo Yiannopoulos’ college speaking tour the fuck down is absolutely the right thing, because what he actually does is not some abstract construct of free speech, but targeting individual vulnerable students for harassment from his beloved gun-toting fans. I absolutely endorse shutting that the fuck down. (And the last “polite” demo at UC Berkeley got police pepper spray.)

5. HITLER HIMSELF SAID that his enemies’ error was not recognising what he was about early on and crushing it. (The quote, tracked down!) It may be worth considering.

6. Nobody in Germany said afterwards “well at least we respected the Nazis’ free speech”, they said “never again”.

I expect liberal discussion of ideas with fascists (like we haven’t heard literally all each others’ ideas before) is supposed to work a bit like a Chick tract:

LIBERAL: Say, friend, have you heard about … liberality??
FASCIST: Oh my goodness, this is revelatory! (lasers own swastika tattoo off)
LIBERAL: We will now read from the Book of Locke.

yeah, I expect that’s precisely how it works in real life.

(I’m a huge liberal the rest of the time and will debate and discuss until the cows come home. I am totally fine with people not being happy with punching someone. But I will not demand that others use that as their exclusive strategy, and liberals who demand that others do that, I think you’re wrong.)

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