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About Proposition 13 2020

There's been some confusion about the Proposition 13 that appears on the March ballot. This has nothing to do with the Prop 13 that passed in 1978; it just has the same number. This year's Prop 13 is an ordinary school bond measure.

I sometimes see people wonder why we need to pass new bond measures for schools, transportation, etc. every time there's an election. The answer is that we incur new costs as facilities age and need repairs, or populations expand and need new infrastructure. These new costs aren't met by previous bond measures, because the funds from those bond measures were used to pay for the expenses that existed when they were passed.

This year's Prop 13 school bond measure is endorsed by the California Democratic Party, and doesn't have any serious opposition. Most of the money will be spent on either community colleges and universities (which weren't covered by the previous bond measure), or on renovations and repairs for K-12.