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Abolish the Presidency

The office of the Presidency ought to be abolished. The military should be led by the Joint Chiefs of Staff on a consensus basis. Coming to agreement through deliberation, the Joint Chiefs of Staff would act as one person, collectively serving as Commander in Chief. In place of the Presidency, we should have a "figure head" Prime Minister who has a diplomatic role but no military or executive power. Supreme Court Justices ought to serve a term of 6 years and ought to be democratically elected by the people.

No appointment or election to any office should be such a life-changing event for so many people. Our system of government needs to be drastically reformed to ensure that the kind of bullshit typical of the last 4 years of American politics just never happens. Honestly, it shouldn't have mattered who became President. It shouldn't have mattered who became Supreme Court Justice. It shouldn't have mattered, because no lone individual should ever be able to drastically alter the nature of things in a democratic republic.

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