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The ABC can never be sold

On June 17, The Guardian reported that senior members of the Liberal Party were in "damage control" after the Liberal Party's peak council votes to privitise the ABC. They have, of course, already slashed funding to the public broadcaster and have made no secret of their continuing opposition to the independent public broadcaster which provides of news and information across remote corners of the country. The policy is in accord of course, with the objectives of the Institute of Public Affairs.

A non-binding vote, the Liberal Party heavyweights came out to argue that the ABC would not be sold. Minister Josh Josh Frydenberg was most emphatic: "The ABC is an iconic national institution, it provides valuable services to our regions and to our cities", he said. "It is not going to be sold and it can never be sold."

It is worth recalling a few other comments from Liberal Party leaders on the matter of "never ever"

There's no way that a GST will ever be part of our policy... never ever, it's dead it was killed by the voters in the last election.
- John Howard, Television interview in May 2 1995

Truth is absolute, truth is supreme, truth is never disposable in national political life.
- John Howard, ABC Radio "AM" (25 August 1995)

On 28 June 1999 John Howard's government passed legislation introducing a GST, which came into operation on 1 July 2000.

If that seems a bit distant in the past, one may remember the classic distinction that Tony Abbott made in 2010 between those things which he really meant, the Gospel Truth as he called it, and those comments which were made in the heat of the moment.

The list of broken promises of the Abbott government even in the first year was particularly impressive.

Certainly, on-topic with communications technology and one which leaves a bitter taste in the mouth for many Australians is the promise of the NBN.

"Our goal is for every household and business to have access to broadband with a download data rate of between 25 and 100 megabits per second by late 2016"
- Coalition promise, 2013

So, let's keep that in mind when thinking of Josh, and the level of trust we can accord.

It [the ABC] is not going to be sold and it can never be sold.
- Josh Frydenberg, June 2018

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A Chinese station has taken over some of the shortwave radio frequencies once used by the ABC in the Pacific region, following the broadcaster's decision to end shortwave services.

Radio Australia switched off its shortwave transmissions to remote parts of northern Australia and across the Pacific in January 2017.

The Government has announced it will freeze the ABC's annual funding indexation for three years from July 2019, costing the organisation $84 million.$84-million-hit-bottom-line/9740690