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The ALP Draft National Platform (2000): A Critical Review


The following is a critical review of the ALP Draft National Platform (2000). By "critical" the same meaning is used as that used by "critical theory". It is not to be equated with a negative review, but rather as critique to test the sincerity of principles to practices. Aspects of the Draft Platform are thus evaluated in an oppositional, yet positive manner; where such an assessment is given it is also with constructive alternatives. Further, by "critical" this review also seeks to highlight those aspects of the Platform, which directly relate to the organising principles of the Party rather than those that are temporary or incidental.

The Relationship of Punk Music to Anarchist Politics: Preliminary Thoughts

The relationship between punk fashion and anarchism poses some difficulty. It is a second-order symbol which requires interpretation upon interpretation. It is contextually specific. In other circumstances, the fashion of punk could quite easily represent the politics of what Marx would call the "lumpen-proletariat" (ie., fascism), or indeed - particularly in the gothic-punk style, the disenfranchised aristocracy.

Housing crisis week in Melbourne

Housing crisis week in Melbourne

By Lev Lafayette

MELBOURNE — Victorian community organisations and individuals have formed People for Public Housing to oppose federal and state government changes to the public housing system. The organisation will run a week-long campaign here in the first week in September, culminating in a rally in the Bourke Street Mall.

Key changes being introduced include rent increases, loss of secure tenure, stricter eligibility criteria and targeted allocations.

The Rise of Hansonism and Strategies for Stopping One Nation

Pauline Hanson's One Nation: Speech given at Socialist Alternative function, July 1997

With David Ristrom of the Greens (Victoria) and Jeff Sparrow from Socialist Alternative


My thanks to Socialist Alternative for organising tonights forum and to the Lincoln Hotel for providing the venue.


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