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The 'Crisis' of Adolescence and the Rights of Youth

From the great French and American revolutions of the late 18th century, democracy and civil rights have been expanded both across nation-states and in scope. This has been by no means an easy course, with many and varied attempts of imperial restoration, the rise of republican dictatorships based on the nation-state and dedicated to war, formal exclusions on the basis of sex, sexuality, 'race', ethnicity and class and the subtle and pervasive effects of reducing direct democracy in favour of public relations management and continuing the structural distortions from economic disparities. Proponents of democracy and liberty should however take heart as the early days of the twenty-first century indicate a world that is substantially improved when compared to one hundred years previous.

The Danger of John Elliot

My good friend from aus.politics, "fasgnadh", posted this little gem to said newsgroup:

"Former Liberal Party President, John Elliot, gave some insight into his personal philosophy and priorities when in court to try and get back his licence after drink driving offences."

"He was prompted three times by magistrate Peter Mealy to express the worst consequences of driving after drinking excessively" - The Herald Sun 2/8/03

"Bad publicity and inconvenience to his family." - Jack offered.

Try again.

"Mmmm, well, a heavy fine and possible jail."

A Recommendation for "The Enlightenment"

There are competing definitions of race. Some are slang, some are scientific. Some are ambiguous and some are precise. Some are falsifiable and some exist purely on the strength of those that assert them.

Personally, I prefer the scientific, the precise, the falsifiable.

This is one particular definition, from a third-year zoology course from Olkahoma State University which I reckon is pretty good.

"Definition of Race: A race is a geographically circumscribed population or set of populations that differ from all other populations of a species.

Almost A Member of the CIA

Second Reading
Members LEIGH Date28 May 2002 Page1703

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Is this government fair dinkum about fare evasion? In my view it is not. Why is this so? Let me tell the house about a gentleman by the name of Mr Lev Lafayette, who is actually part of the Victorian ALP. This guy is the no. 1 fare evader in the state of Victoria.

Sense and Sensuality in Timor Lorosa'e

The following is written from my preliminary observer’s perspective between the periods of September 11 and October 27, 2002 and as such is probably going to need future revision. However, the key elements of history and influence have been noted and at very least provide sufficient information from which future inquiries may take place. Particular emphasis is placed on the myth and practices of the Tetun people, but by no means exclusively so.

Australian-Indonesian Relations: Standing Committee Submission

Clerk Assistant (Committees)

House of Representatives

Parliament House



The Cunningham By-Election

Just over a year ago the prospect of a Coalition-led third term victory seemed improbable. Now Labor has lost one of its safest seats in the country, with a swing of over 16% to the Greens. The Labor Party should at the very least be doing some serious soul-searching after such a debacle.

No Religion Deserves A State: A Response to Workers Liberty

The two-state theory in Workers' Liberty is perplexing and lacking in necessary elaboration. Workers Liberty claims that There are "two distinct peoples in the area, the Palestinian Arabs and the Israeli Jews". This is a confusion of culture and religion in the first instance, so if one gets this wrong, everything else that follows will also be wrong. It is little wonder that WL cannot conceive

Blockade: Raising A Tactic To A Principle?

Published in Jacques Chester's sample 'Honi Soit' for the 2001 University of Sydney student elections.

It seems that almost every political protest organised via political organisations of the far left is now a blockade. Following the relative success of the blockade of the World Economic Forum of September 11-13, 2000, the call to blockade has been applied to everything from Nike retail outlets in Melbourne to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

Socialist Alliance: Five Months Later

My short article from April this year, 'Another Generation Lost?', was initially distributed on the Leftlinks mailing list, the Australian Socialist Youth mailing list, several international usenet groups, made its way to Workers Online (the news website of the NSW Trades and Labour Council), was distributed around Victorian left Labor email lists and a few hundred even made it into existence as physical handbills.


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