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Hitler Hipster and Vodka

Dear authors of Hitler Hipster,

I refer to your cartoon broseph-stalin (, which I believe was authored around October 2011, judging by the image file URL.

Letter to Daniel Andrews, Leader of the Victorian ALP

Sent to

Dear Daniel,

I will keep in brief and summary form as an initial submission. Further elaboration will be provided as this project develops.

A critical objective for a jobs plan is to have a public finance system that encourages employment. There are some existing limitations in public finance that damage capital investment in productive activity.

The New Government Supports Religious Bigotry

The new Victorian Premier, Ted Ballieu, has recently announced intention to change the Victoria's Equal Opportunity Act 2010 which ensured that religious organisations could not discriminate in the field of non-religious employment.

Vive la différence! L'affaire du foulard

Much has been made of the fact that France, the has banned the burqa, l'affaire du voile, with the exception of places of worship. Earlier in the year a law was passed that scarves covering the face were banned in schools and hospitals, as well as on public transport. Women, who violate this requirement will be fined €150 Euros and given a course of lectures on the basics of the secular foundations of the French Republic. Men, who force women to wear burqa, will face up to a year in prison.

Secularism versus Theocracy: Some Recent Examples

A survey of doctors in the United Kingdom has shown there is a strong correlation between those of religious faith and the types of drugs that they prescribe, with critically ill patients not being informed of strong pain killers which, whilst pallitive, can shorten life. One wonders what doctors will be like if they find themselves in such a situation - or will they use the drugs that they know about to relieve the symptoms?

So, Pinochet is dead

... and all the right-wing apologists have been coming out of the woodwork. "Only 3,000 dead" they cry, and he "saved Chile from socialism" (oh noes!).

As if 200,000 people suffering "extreme trauma" (source: Latin American Institute on Mental Health and Human Rights (ILAS)) and the possibility of "socialism" is an excuse to engage in a military coup against an elected government.

Letter to Jose Ramos-Horta, Prime Minister of Timor-Leste

Dear Jose,

It has been some months since we last communicated; indeed it was briefly at the launch of Dr. David Scott's book "Last Flight Out Of Dili". As promised at that meeting, I include a copy of my presentation given at Victoria University's "Cooperating With East Timor" conference in 2005 and subsequently published, entitled "Wrestling The Crocodile: IT Development in East Timor" (attachement #1).

Letter to Noam Chomsky Re: Henry George

Dear Professor Chomsky,

I have recently had the opportunity to read the correspondence between yourself and Dr. Fred Foldvary concerning the the political and economic theory of Henry George. Professor Folvary asked whether you were familiar with Mr. George's works to which you responded: "I did read Henry George years ago, when I was a college student. Whatever the merits of his proposal might have been at the time, they don't seem to me particularly meaningful now, given the sources of wealth and power."

Please Explain, Mr Brumby

Derived from the presentation at the Hume Global Learning Centre, June 28, 2006


Tonight I am representing Prosper Australia, an organisation which has, in various guises, been a part of Victoria for over one hundred years. One key objective of the organisation is the reduction, as much as possible of taxes on labour and capital, and for public finances to be derived instead from site rental. Because when it comes down to it, there are only two sources for public revenue; the goods and services which are produced or the resources that are used.

Media, Public Opinion and Vested Interests

Presentation to Prosper Australia’s 115th Commemoration Dinner at the John Curtin Hotel, September 1st 2005

It is a great honour to be the speak for this, the 115th annual commemoration dinner for Prosper Australia.


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