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We Need Someone Like Yang

Listen, politics is a matter of life and death. Y'all need to vote for Andrew Yang. Here's why.

If someone's toddler is sick and in the hospital, they shouldn't have to worry about "how am I gonna pay for this treatment to save my baby's life" or "I better get back to work soon before I lose my job."

If someone gets sick and loses their job after being bedridden for months, that shouldn't wreck their financial wellbeing. And they shouldn't have to be jobless and still stuck with the medical debt from being sick.

If a veteran with PTSD can't work because of mental illness resulting from serving overseas, he should be able to get treatment and have enough to live on even if he can't work—he shouldn't freeze to death and die from homelessness.

If someone is so depressed over the loss of a loved one that they can only bring themselves to work part time, they shouldn't have to choose between grieving/putting themselves back together and putting food on the table.

If someone is a victim of a hit and run, they shouldn't be enslaved to medical debt for the next decade.

All of these are real situations in the lives of people I know. These are the real problems that politics needs to address. Nobody should ever be allowed to be fucked over by fate, nature, "an act of God," or bad luck! No one should ever be allowed to be financially ruined or left destitute because of unfortunate circumstances beyond their control.

There are at least 7 people in my circle of friends that have experienced homelessness at some point in the last several years, and several of those people had college degrees and jobs when they went through homelessness. Don't tell me the economy is doing good! Just because you're doing alright doesn't mean that everyone else isn't struggling. These are hard times.

Donald Trump doesn't offer a solution to these problems. Elizabeth Warren doesn't offer a complete solution. Bernie Sanders doesn't offer a complete solution either.

The only person with a full solution to the most important problems we face is Andrew Yang. He offers us a universal basic income (an income floor, below which no one is allowed to fall), which would not be enough to live in luxury on but would be enough to survive on. If you lose your job, basic income ensures you can still get access to food and shelter. You won't be able to afford to eat lobster and steak and live in the nicest house, but you also won't freeze to death on the streets and you won't go hungry. Yang offers us national health insurance, where everyone is covered and no one is allowed to be laden with debt due to bad luck.

Yang being elected won't magically make his policy proposals into law, but it will give him the biggest platform from which to speak, which will allow him to make these ideas better known and more popular, which is the first step towards changing the system.

I know conservatives usually object to anything that seems like "giving things away," but these policies were also supported by the best conservative intellectuals. Universal basic income was championed by Milton Friedman and Charles Murray and was supported by F. A. Hayek. Universal catestrophic insurance (a form of national single-payer health insurance) was supported by both Milton Friedman and Martin Feldstein, both economic advisors to Ronald Reagan. The idea of national insurance for healthcare was also supported by F. A. Hayek. Furthermore, these policies were even supported by Irving Kristol, the father of neoconservatism. Why would conservative intellectuals support such things? Because they transform the welfare state and end up making it cheaper. If you are conservative, you ought to vote for Yang because the policies he's running on are closer than any other candidates' to the policies of the most important conservative intellectuals.

But, I also think the case for Yang can be made from other angles. If you are liberal, you should vote for Yang. If you are an anarchist, you should vote for Yang. If you are a progressive or social democrat, you should vote for Yang. If you're a neoliberal, you should vote for Yang. I can make an argument for Yang from any of those perspectives. He's a candidate beyond ideology—"not left, not right, but forward with Andrew Yang."

Dump Trump! Forget Bernie and Warren! Google Andrew Yang, the candidate with the best policies, who is fighting to make America great for real!

His policies aren't perfect, but none of them are bad, and his proposals for healthcare reform, welfare reform, dealing with big money in politics, and democracy reform are better than anything coming from any other candidate on either side.

MSNBC and CNN are trying to do a media blackout so that no one even hears his name. They're afraid to let him speak in the debates because he puts all the other candidates to shame. He knows the data, knows what's wrong, and knows what needs to be done to fix it...and he ain't a politician and don't care for politics. He's trying to fix a broken system, not trying to win an election. And if the mainstream media doesn't want you to know about this guy, you can bet your ass that this is a candidate you should be paying attention to!

I legitimately thought Trump would be better than Clinton, but I was wrong. I thought he'd be better on foreign policy. He wasn't, which is why the writers at The American Conservative and The National Interest, the most conservative newspapers/magazines in America, have been ripping Trump to shreds over his disastrous policies with regard to Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. I thought he'd be tough on the Saudi's, since he called them out for sponsoring 9/11 when he was on the campaign trail, but he has now been cozying up to them—even gave the Saudi government ownership of the largest American oil refinery now, which his administration could have blocked. He also, historically, supported single-payer national health insurance, a policy almost identical to what Yang is proposing, but Trump has shown no interest in positive healthcare reform since he's been in office and now seems to be opposed to any decent reform proposal. I thought, in spite of his bigotry and assholishness, that he might have been the President to sign into law the sort of sweeping healthcare reform that we need. I was wrong! I was duped! Donald Trump is not better. He's worse. And we need someone better—we need someone like Andrew Yang. (For the record, I did not vote the lesser of two evils and choose Trump in 2016. I also did not vote Hillary. I voted third party in 2016.)

So many folks voted for him because they thought he'd be fiscally conservative and economically libertarian, but Trump cut taxes and increased spending, driving the deficit and federal debt through the roof! His trade policy fucked over American farmers and insutries so bad that he had to bail out the agricultural industry and Harley Davidson—a company that prides itself on being American-made—had to outsource some of its production! Thousands of companies announced that they were raising prices as a direct result of Trump's trade policy. Under his administration, more jobs have disappeared than have been created. And the Fed is doing a massive bailout for the banks behind the scenes through the overnight repo market. The economy is on the verge of plunging into a Second Great Depression. Anyone that thought Trump was good for America was duped. President Trump is a dumpster fire!

The wealthy elite (Trump, et al.) and the political establishment (Biden, Sanders, Warren, et al.) need to fuck off. If they aren't willing to offer solutions to our biggest problems, they aren't worth listening to. We need someone like Andrew Yang.

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