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Triumph and Delight

The biggest smiles in Congress and the US Senate are on the faces of the Republican ideologues. Blindsided by President Donald Groper during the never ending US Presidential campaign, they will be the major beneficiaries of President Groper’s political demise. Irrespective of what we may think of President Groper’s behaviour, he is not, unlike those Republican Senators and Congress members who currently have a Cheshire cat size grin on their dials, an ideologue.

They on the other hand would be over the moon if Groper was impeached midterm and his God fearing running mate Vice President became defacto President. President Groper, like all wanna be dictators, is all about Groper, his family and his financial interests. He will do what deals need to be done to ensure his survival. President Groper is under no illusions about who his political enemies are, his meet the people rallies are an attempt to generate the same popular momentum that catapulted him over the heads of his party credentialed rivals to steal the Republican Presidential nomination from under the noses of the traditional God fearing deregulation, corporatisation, globalisation, privatisation Republican warriors who owned the Republican Party lock, stock and barrel. The introduction of a little bit of populism in the Republican Party helped to grease the wheels on Groper’s battering ram as he tore down the traditional Republican’s infrastructure to allow his supporters to swarm into the Republican convention.

Many of President Groper’s political initiatives (yes he does have one or two) are anathema to traditional members of the Republican Party. Groper understands he has no political capital outside of his divide and rule political rhetoric. He is hated by the legacy media, tolerated by the digital media, detested in liberal, left and Democratic circles. Has no real popular support outside “good ole boy” vanishing white America and is detested by traditional Republicans as well as the bureaucracy, the FBI and CIA.

Unless he broadens his appeal outside “good ole boy” America, he is in for a political drubbing. Once Congressional and Senate committees are established to examine his behaviour, Republicans will be lining up to knife The Groper because they know once he is impeached (in about 18 months) they will have a full two years to impose their neo-liberal agenda through their majority in the Congress and the Senate. The only saving grace for the American people is the midterm elections. If the Republicans lose their majority in the Senate many of the God fearing Vice President’s ideological perversions may be deflected by the US Senate.