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No No Nanette

If I hear Melbourne’s Archbishop Hart again, I'm going to scream. Considering the Catholic Church’s abysmal record on childhood sexual abuse, within the Catholic Church, you’d think they'd show a little bit of contrition. No, not Archbishop Hart. First we had to put up with the Catholic Church’s position on the mildly reformist voluntary euthanasia bill before the Victorian parliament. Now we have to put up with Archbishop Hart’s comments on marriage equality and the Catholic education system. When you add his comments on how Catholic priests won’t be bound by the law if confessional arrangements are changed to force priests to report childhood sexual predators, you have to wonder whether Archbishop Hart is angling to become a Prince of the Church in Australia – a Cardinal. Considering Cardinal Pell’s appearance before the courts, Archbishop Hart could be tempted to throw his hat into the ring to become Australia's nest Royal Eminence.

I find his comments that any defiance among the 190,000 Australians the Catholic Church employs to run the Catholic education sector, particular galling. I think the Bishop needs to understand the Catholic Church’s huge presence in the health, education and welfare sector in Australia is courtesy of dumbos like you and me who pay taxes. If he wants the laws to be changed to suit the Catholic Church and if he wants to play bovver boy with the church’s employees, if they avail themselves of any new legal rights they may obtain, it’s time the truckloads of taxpayer money that is used to extend the Catholic Church’s empire was halted.
Billions of taxpayer dollars every year are channelled into the pockets of the Catholic Church. If they want to play High and Mighty they should do it with their own money. If the rivers of gold that flow into the Catholic Church from the Australian Tax Office were diverted into public health, public education and public welfare the church would go bankrupt tomorrow.

Despite about 20% of Australians putting down Roman Catholicism as their religion, most are alienated from the church. Denis Hart seems to have forgotten the times they are a changing. Thirty percent of Australians have no religion, the church’s moral authority lies in a thousand pieces. It’s inaction on childhood sexual abuse within the church has robbed it of any moral authority it had. It’s time the catholic Church in Australia was reminded its position in Australian society is wholly dependent on the billions of dollars that it can weasel out of the Australian Treasury. Stop the taxpayer funded rivers of gold and real estate prices will fall as the church is forced to divest itself of its considerable real estate holdings to stay financially afloat.