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A Good Year for Scott Morrison

There are a lot of people in the media saying that Scott Morrison has had a good year. And I couldn't agree more.

This year the prime minister buggered off to Hawaii during our worst bushfires on record, eventually responding with enforced handshakes, empty platitudes and dragging his feet on relief funding. He's taken no action on addressing climate change which will make the next bushfires even more devastating.

He's done nothing during the worst pandemic in over a century except fob all responsibility off to the states, undermining those that make him look inept, and claiming all the credit for their successes.

He's led the most openly corrupt, dishonest, incompetent and self-serving government we've ever had. He's refused to answer questions about his minister's behaviour or address it. And his response to every single crisis he can't run away from is spin, slogans and mountains of bullshit.

When someone is as useless and dangerous a prime minister as Scott Morrison, and all the media have to say is what a good job you're doing, then you've had a bloody great year.