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Cuckoo Bird Scorned

Bye, by President Donald Groper. Talk about a soap opera that makes the Bold and the Beautiful look like a show about real people. The Groper is rapidly pulling up his Republican Party drawbridges. I’ve said many times before the Groper has the same problems Malcolm Turnbull has, the political party he has laid his cuckoo egg in has discovered the egg and is in the process of pushing it out of the nest. Poor old Malcolm has to deal with the old guard in the Liberal Party and President Groper has to deal with a Republican dominated Congress and Senate he rolled in order to become President of the U.S. of A.

The Groper has made the United States Presidency the laughing stock of the world. He has demonstrated he does not have the willingness, let alone the capacity, to accept advice. His mantra of you do it my way or bye by Charlie has transformed what should have been a dream political run into an obstacle course that’s peppered with improvised explosive devices that he has lovingly crafted.

Few United States Presidents have the luxury of having a majority in the Congress and the Senate as well as a sympathetic Supreme Court bench. President Groper, in his inevitable style, has transformed a win win situation into a lose lose situation. The only thing going for him is the inability of the Democratic Party to make any political headway despite the head start President Groper has given them. So what’s next? More of the same I'm guessing. The toxic environment created by President Groper will have an effect that goes far beyond America’s borders. Irrespective of the Groper’s bizarre behaviour, irrespective of his split with the Republican Party he still is Commander in Chief of the most powerful military power in the world.

Considering his past record, it’s highly likely that sooner rather than later there is going to be a major military stuff up. As the Groper’s bunker mentality takes over and his advisors are chosen because they will do what they’re told, not offer him value free advice, the chances things will get ugly will increase. While the United States’ global reach is diminishing, China, the new kid on the block is beginning to flex its military and naval muscles. This puts Australia in a very difficult situation considering China is by far our biggest trading partner. It’s imperative Australia begins to follow an independent foreign policy course. What’s good for the United States is not necessarily good for Australia. The problem is complicated by the fact we have military bases in Australia and have been increasing our military links with the United States. War in such an environment is a very real possibility. The challenges faced by Islamic fundamentalism are nothing compared to the challenges that will be thrown up by a military link with a United States administration that is headed by a man who is only interested in having his ego massaged by sycophants.

Dr. Joseph Toscano, , August 15