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Creation and Evolution

If you believe in creation irrespective if it’s an indigenous dreaming creation story that stretches back over 2,000 generations or a biblical creation story which only stretches back 200 generations, life’s easy. Creationists are given the world on a platter. It’s a given, it’s there you don’t have to worry about how it came about and more importantly, how it’s all going to end.

On the other hand, if you think it’s all about evolution you’ve got a problem on your hands. Although what’s going to happen in the future isn’t a given we do know evolution is all about adaption to changing circumstances to ensure survival of a particular species. Evolutionary change is a balancing act between nature and nurture. How what we are born with copes with the circumstances we are faced with is the two piece jigsaw puzzle that plays with our deoxyribonucleic acid the road map which determines who we are.

If adaption to changing circumstances is our DNA catalyst we should be able to explain many of the characteristics that makes us human. Characteristics that ensure survival will eventually win out in the DNA tango. Unless you’re a Tasmanian Devil and your DNA becomes your worst enemy. We should be able to explain the things that make us human, things lime empathy, jealousy, mental illness, heterosexuality, homosexuality. Cultural practices can and do play a role in modifying DNA in specific groups of humans.

To a large degree before the advent of agriculture environmental factors had a profound impact on who prospered and survived and who withered on the vine and died. There is a survival element in all DNA variations. The building blocks of who we are as individuals and a community are coded into DNA that is looking for an evolutionary edge. What may seem to be a liability in certain cultural settings, homosexuality, empathy, gender may be linked to genome variations that have developed as a direct consequence of those cultural settings.
I grant you I'm drawing a long bow but every time I'm faced with human variations which are treated as culturally toxic, I like to go back to basics and try to fathom how such a variation has survived and in some cases prospered despite strong cultural taboos and laws that try to initially control and eventually destroy that human variation.

What has been left to natural forces is now facing a human challenge DNA manipulation in living breathing human beings is now a very real possibility. Huxley’s Brave New World where Epsilons were scientifically manufactured to do that work nobody else wanted to do, is a very real possibility that we need to confront, contain and deal with. If we don’t the future will belong to those who have the resources to make real time DNA transformation into a mass market.