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Conservative Theory Worth Reading

Trump-supporters should actually read conservative literature, because a clear understanding of conservative theory will make you thoroughly anti-Trump. Here's a list of conservative books you ought to read:

Varieties of Neo-Liberalism

I've read a lot of anti-neoliberal articles lately. It seems that most critics of neoliberalism don't actually know what neoliberalism is. I'm hesitant to call myself a neoliberal because of the ideas that term is generally associated with, but also hesitant to be too anti-neoliberal.

Tariffs can be good, but Trump's are idiotic

I'm opposed to tariffs in general and Trump's tariffs are particularly bad because they have no real goal, but tariffs aren't necessarily bad in themselves. Tariffs could be used for good. China has effectively been imposing tariffs on other countries by way of a VAT which they exempt domestic producers from paying, which is a violation of the spirit of the current trade agreement. So, China technically launched the first attack in the trade war.

YangGang Inspired Project Ideas

I’ve been thinking that the power of this whole YangGang spirit ought to be harnessed for good. Regardless of whether Andrew Yang wins or not, this campaign needs to be perpetual. We must continually fight for the cause of Humanity First and the Freedom Dividend, regardless of who wins the next election. This isn’t about Andrew Yang and the presidential election — this is about the philosophy and policies that Yang is promoting.

Yang is what America Needs

I don't understand why folks on Social Security and Medicare support Trump, who has systematically conspired with other Republicans to destroy Social Security and Medicare. Congress borrowed against Social Security to bail out the uber-wealthy during the recession. Trump cut taxes for the uber-wealthy so that the wealthy don't have to pay back Social Security for the bailout. Trump's policy is designed to destroy Social Security.

Socialism and Wage-Slavery

Any variety of socialism that seeks to perpetuate the institution of wage slavery is kinda worthless in my estimation. We don't need jobs for all, we need income for all. We need a universal basic income. Andrew Yang's basic income platform is much better than Bernie's. It's a route beyond capitalism and socialism, towards a post-scarcity world without wage slavery. Pushing for a high minimum wage, as Bernie does, means that automation is going to be sped along, with private sector jobs disappearing to outsourcing/automation faster than ever.

Deportation is murder!

Deportation is murder! The guy in this video is begging for his life and the Trump Administration is fighting to kill him. People are dying because of your fascist political ideology. My wife has a Greencard. She became a legal resident through marriage. If things had been different and we had never fallen in love, she could very well have found herself in a situation like this. And as a Republican and a Trump supporter, you absolutely would have supported the murder of my wife. That makes you a Nazi in my book. Don't tell me to "be nice." All Trump supporters are Nazis.

Political Censorship on Facebook

This is why I'm sympathetic to Democrats with smash Facebook rhetoric. Big social media companies need to be dealt with. This was a link to This is politically motivated censorship. Facebook, in its current form, is an impediment to democracy. Facebook for a long time refused to censor a white supremacist page that was not only violating Facebook standards but also breaking the law, they've used facial recognition and auto-tagging on their platform to harass activists, and they censor information that is relevant to electoral politics.

Stop Pretending that Trump Isn't A Fascist

The President is a tax-evading, money-laundering, mafia-owned, fascist sexual predator who bragged about walking in on nude underage girls in the dressing room, and he has not one single redeeming quality. Children are dying in concentration camps because they're being denied access to soap and water. And the President is defending these "detainment" practices. Let's stop pretending that supporting Trump is not equivalent to supporting Mussolini or Hitler.

Trump Taxing the Middle Class

Trump's tariffs are a tax on middle class American consumers. The price of RC cola has risen 30% since the imposition of Trump's idiotic tariffs. For as long as I can remember, it was 99 cents. Now, it increased directly in proportion to Trump's tariffs. The same can be shown for countless other products. It is a tax on the average American that somewhat offsets the tax breaks Trump gave to the uber-wealthy. He's raised taxes on all the folks that voted for him.


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