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Romania: Stop union busting in Bucharest metro

At the beginning of 2021, Metrorex, a state-owned company that runs the Bucharest metro, fully backed by the Romanian government, started a union-busting campaign, announced pay cuts and lay-offs, revealing plans to put the subway system into insolvency. Metrorex and the Romanian government completely ignored USLM’s repeated requests to enter into dialogue. Instead, the company retaliated with a series of intimidation tactics: Union leader Ion Radoi received death threats on social media.

The company sued Metro workers who participated in the spontaneous March protest, and police raided the trade union premises. And now: Metrorex -- against trade union law -- illegally refuses to collect monthly membership fees, cutting off the union's resources. The company demands the annulment of the CBA in court and summons USLM to vacate its premises. Join us in telling Metrorex and the Romanian government they must respect basic labour rights: collective bargaining and social dialogue. Say no to union busting in Bucharest metro!

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