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N.O.W. - No Other Way

This week we’re discussing the concept of N.O.W – no other way.

If you listen to those in power, to those who make the rules, you will hear them say over and over again that ‘there is no other way’. There is no other way to prosperity in the 21st century than to deregulate, privatise, corporatise and, now to a lesser extent due to COVID-19, to globalise. No other way. And whilst we all wait for a vaccine or treatment for the virus, they are busy organising. Organising for their brave new world. Tax cuts for the rich. Incentives for corporates to invest. Deregulating industrial relations. A concerted attack on industry-based superannuation funds. Deregulation of environmental protections, workers compensation and the list goes on. These are the five things they are telling us that need to be done and there is no other way.

But there is a dark horse in all of this and that is PIBCI. ‘Public Interests Before Corporate Interests’. We don’t have the power that the rulers have but what we do have are ideas which put the interests of the many before the few. That’s what we’re about.

Our policies revolve around a universal basic income (UBI) for all Australians which can very easily be funded by the introduction of a few simple tax reforms. A 1% stockmarket turnover tax. A 1% financial transaction tax.

Our mineral resources to be used for the good of all Australians, not just a select few. We are also deeply committed and concerned about public education, public health and aged care. These are areas that could be funded by our tax reforms. We also want to see the economy expanded in this country so that seeding money be provided through industry-based superannuation funds for the creation of collectives and cooperatives.

We are only 25 million people living on a resource-rich country, yet 700,000 children live in poverty. Now is the time to show there is another way. Join PIBCI today.