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Let Yang Speak

For the record, Andrew Yang is (and has been) polling in the top 6 candidates, yet they seldom let him speak during the debates. They consistently give him the least amount of speaking time. MSNBC, which donated tons to Buttigieg and Biden, gives its favored candidates all the speaking time in the debates so that you won't know the other options. Why do they not let Andrew Yang speak? Could it be because MSNBC is owned by Comcast, an internet provider, and Yang happens to be in favor of net neutrality and opposed to letting ISPs and social media sites sell people's data without their consent and without compensating the individuals whose data is being used to make profits? Could their vested interest have anything to do with the media blackout of Andrew Yang?

Although Yang got the least amount of speaking time, a Dailykos poll shows that viewers thought Yang was the clear winner of the debate. If they let Yang speak, he'd be THE frontrunner.

We need to make a law that says all the candidates that qualify for the debate get equal amounts of speaking time and that they all get asked the same questions.

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