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Edicts from on high

Trump’s tweets remind me of Moses coming down from the mountain with the Ten Commandments. Unlike Trump, Moses didn’t have the audacity to claim the Commandments were his, he gave the credit to God.

President elect “D” Groper’s tweets have been, and continue to be, a feature of his electoral success. Faced with the problem of his Presidency being sidelined by him dealing with questions about whether he is Putin’s boy or not, he puts out a tweet about North Korea and China. The corporate owned media, unable to help themselves, spend countless hours giving his inane North Korea/China tweet the treatment reserved for an earth shattering event.

Tweets are great, put it out in the ether, no questions asked, no public grilling just the pronouncements of an unlikely Messiah who is going to make America “great” again.

President elect “D” Groper’s mastery of the digital media highlights how unimportant facts have become. You don’t like the facts, change them to suit your agenda. The best way to deal with his propaganda tweets is to ignore them. Starved of one to one contact with the great groper, the corporate owned media waits breathlessly for the latest tweet from the great helmsman. The sooner people realise Trump is for Trump and will only do what is good for his family and business interests, the sooner people ignore the buffoon’s tweets, the sooner the struggle for change can begin.

There is nothing new about Trump and his agenda. Trump is an oligarch, that’s why he’s attracted to the Russian oligarchs. Oligarchs centralise power and wealth in their hands at the expense of the government of the day, the state and the people. President elect “D” Groper is not dangerous because he will have access to the nuclear codes, he’s dangerous because he has used people’s disenchantment and disillusionment to feather his own nest. The 20th January roll on, his inauguration as President “D” Groper, is just what is needed for increasing numbers of people to abandon any hope that parliamentary democracy is able to provide answers to the real problems faced, not just by an increasing number of Americans but by people all over the world. The globalisation, privatisation, corporatisation, deregulation is running out of steam. Trump’s inauguration is the beginning of the end of the American dream.

Long live the oligarchs. Long live President “D” Groper. (only kidding folks)