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The Blight of the Murdoch Empire

The Murdoch empire: a degenerative neurological disorder that destroys the mind, body and soul of anybody who comes into prolonged contact with it.

This week we will look at the domination of the Murdoch empire and how it sets the political, social and cultural agenda in Australian society. How does it do it? Why is the legacy media still important? Why is print media still important?

With the Murdoch print empire dominating Australia as it does, it basically determines what will be the news of the day, what the agenda will be for radio and television stations who, in the main, still rely on getting their morning news via the legacy media. The daily topics of discussion on social media are also determined this way.

The effects of this domination are that today in Australia we have people fighting against their own interests because they have complete faith in the agenda set by the Murdoch media. People that fight for a better world or a different world are perceived as somehow ungrateful.

The Murdoch media empire is a blight on this country. What are we going to do about it? Every major political party in Australia is hostage to the empire as it makes or breaks them. We therefore encourage you to join a political party that does not care about the Murdoch empire. PIBCI is here to make the changes that are needed. Have a look at our website for what we have to say. If you are interested, download our application form for membership. You can always leave a message on 0439 395 489. Conversely, you can write to PO BOX 20, Parkville, 3052.