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2020 Isocracy Annual General Meeting

The Isocracy Annual General meeting will be held on Saturday 15th of August at 1300 AEST on the Jitsi video-conferencing system (which is the easiest out there to use). Just select the following link.

In addition to the usual reports and elections of the committee, this AGM will have a round-table discussion on COVID-19 Economics

As the moment of writing, there are close to 18m COVID-19 cases worldwide, a number increasing some 300,000 per day and which a rate which continues to rise. Almost 700,000 have died. It will be more than a year before a vaccine is generally available, and there is still no guarantee that one will ever be produced.

Public debate rages on whether the correct approach for dealing with the pandemic should be an elimination strategy or a suppression strategy. Meanwhile, the economy of the United States is now in freefall; last quarter it contracted, at an annualised rate, by almost 32%, the sharpest on record. Governments around the world are engaging in various types of public expenditure in attempts to stave off collapse.

This round-table discussion at the AGM will review different perspectives on the economics of the novel coronavirus, including public health strategies for cure and prevention, the stimulus packages, various types of income support, job guarantees, and public investment. Attendees are encouraged to contribute their own ideas during and prior to the meeting.

Outcomes from the meeting will help frame Isocracy's public position on economics in general and public policy submissions.

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