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The 2019 UK election - blame Corbyn

The United Kingdom is about to start voting in their general election, and while many thought this would be the Brexit election, it's actually turning out to be the Corbyn election. And so if by tomorrow the polls have been proven correct (not a certainty I'll admit, but we'll see) and the Conservatives are not only returned but with an increased majority, all blame and ire must focus on the Labour leader, and how he lost what should have been an unloseable contest [1]. In the four opinion polls conducted in December, Boris Johnson has an average -13% approval rating. In those same four polls Jeremy Corbyn has an average approval rating of -40%. (This, by the way, represents something of an improvement, in recent months this number has dipped as low as minus 60 [2].) Meanwhile Labour's policies are consistently popular with voters, and the country is weary of not only the Brexit they created, but also years of Tory cuts and austerity. So I ask, why is a government and prime minister that is so widely disliked about to be returned to office with an increased parliamentary majority? Because of one man, or rather more accurately, the politburo of his reactionary cretins who have taken over the Labour Party, and the foaming hordes of extremists who, by propping this rabble up, are handing the country over to the Conservatives for the foreseeable future, at least while People's Commissariat Corbyn remains in charge.

Let's start with the recent anti-Semitism row. The reason for all this is very simple. Firstly Corbyn and co. are against “imperialism” which is their code for being anti-western (that Corbyn is an active supporter of Soviet/Russian/Chinese imperialism is a point we'll get to in a minute), and so because Israel is backed by the United States, any enemy of Israel is automatically his friend, and by extension any anti-Israeli sentiment is fine. Secondly, Corbyn can never acknowledge there could even be such a problem because he's dedicated his whole life to fighting for “justice” as he defines it, therefore he is constitutionally incapable of being a bigot or supporting bigoted ideals, therefore there is no problem and he has nothing to apologise for, so won't [3]. This is a man, by the way, who has praised Hezbollah and Hamas (not to mention Milosevic, Gaddafi, Castro and Hugo Chavez), but in his view Washington is the REAL bad guy, so anyone in Moscow, Beijing or Tehran is off the hook [4]. If you're one of those regimes, he is your friend, if you're a victim of those regimes, tough shit. You'd think this might bother Labour supporters who claim to be for human rights and against injustice, but strangely enough it seems it does not. Corbyn hasn't had a new idea since about 1974, and is surrounded with a cadre who were, until his leadership, not even members of Labour, rather they were part of the Communist Party of Great Britain. They have no knowledge of or sympathy for Labour traditions and values, for them the party is just a vehicle by which to attain power. This is why the UK's public service and intelligence agencies are terrified of a Corbyn government, like Donald Trump there would be a genuine fifth column as the state's executive, working on behalf of foreign interests against domestic ones [5].

A lot of his supporters will say that there is a smear campaign against the Labour leader and that all these allegations are unproven. Well the problem is Corbyn has been a member of parliament since 1983 and there's video of his appearances on Russian and Iranian state TV where he said all the things his critics say he did. The only delusion is in those who are trying to convince themselves that they're backing a heroic progressive who will fight for their rights, not an intellectually idle lickspittle of communism, Islamism and despotism of all descriptions. The only saving grace is that a majority of the country seems to understand this and are holding their noses to vote Conservative, because under Corbyn Labour is unfit to govern and is no longer even really a functioning political party, it has become a hate-fuelled cult. Don't take my word for it, read what former Labour MP Chuka Umunna has to say about how the party is now thoroughly illiberal and how constituency meetings have devolved into shouting, bullying and hero worship and how glad he was to quit and join the Lib Dems [6]. These bullies and anti-Semites are the Corbyn people, inspired to join the party only by him and for him. Like the leadership they care nothing for Labour, and are only there to shout slogans, virtue signal, harass anyone who disagrees with themselves and swallow then regurgitate the pro-authoritain Juche gruel their dear leader serves up.

Finally we get to Brexit itself. Jeremy Corbyn has always hated Europe, because the aim of European integration was not only to promote peace and (capitalist) free trade, but also to unite against the threat of communism. He on the other hand views the collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw pact as a tragedy, an attitude he shares with Vladimir Putin, and in many other areas Corbyn and Putin's worldview synch up [7] He voted for Britain to leave the EEC in 1975 and there's no reason not to suspect he voted leave in 2016, even though we don't know this for sure. Still, check his record though [8]. During the 2016 referendum campaign he went on holiday, refused to stand alongside then Prime Minister David Cameron (who despite being responsible for the whole thing did campaign to remain), and was so weak and half-hearted in his remain position everyone could tell he was faking it. So much so that many in Labour called on him to resign for sabotaging the campaign [9]. Corbyn's plan to build socialism in one country has always been stymied by EU laws on competition, so he's delighted to be free of what he sees as Brussels' meddling. Still, under pressure from the 70% of Labour voters who are pro-remain he can't come out as the proud Brexiteer he really is, so his compromise policy have no policy at all. In one of the greatest acts of political cowardice in history, the leader of one of the UK's major parties is heading into the election with no policy one way or the other [10]. You can call this democracy if you want, I call it a total failure of leadership.

So if Labour loses and Boris Johnson gets his mandate to finally take the United Kingdom out of the EU, your response should only be to spit and curse the name of Jeremy Corbyn, as he, more than any other, is the man who will have delivered Brexit. That and next five years of continuing Tory austerity will be his gifts to the nation. If there is any real justice he would be hounded from office and all the way to exile in Russia where he has always been more at home. Your move, Britain.


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There are a number of factors that had a much bigger impact that Corbyn's foreign policy approach, as ingrained in 1970s campism as it is. That only made a minuscule difference to the Labour vote, probably in the order of a few percent at worst. Empirically, the two main issues are:

* The collapse of the Brexit Party and the pro-Brexit vote going to Johnson, regardless of the consequences, and Labour missing taking a stand that tied the Brexit to the Tory austerity programme. That accounts for up to 20% of the Tory vote, acquired from the Brexit Party.

* An astoundingly dishonest media campaign from the Tories, as noted by election observers