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Stratocumulous cloud formation

About a year ago, I posted about some very ominous research indicating that stratocumulous cloud formation may shut down when we get above about 1000 ppm, which could lead to temperature increases so cataclysmic as to be incompatible with civilization. I was hoping that subsequent research would dispute those findings, but unfortunately, it's made them more likely, not less likely.

These catastrophic scenarios are why, even though I strongly oppose the immediate use of stratospheric aerosol scattering for geoengineering, I still think we should be researching it. If we end up in this kind of feedback loop, emission reductions alone won't be enough to save us. We would need to use geoengineering to manually reset global temperatures and restart cloud formation. It's likely that this would have severely negative effects on many areas, but it would still be preferable to the end of civilization.

The best course of action is to reduce emissions as much and as quickly as possible, so we never have to find out if these worst case scenarios are correct.