No Regrets

“I defend the decision that I took. I don’t resile from it. I don’t believe it was the wrong decision.”
- John Howard

So just to clarify:

In 2003 John Howard made a decision to go to war based on flawed evidence and inadequate planning.

A war that the majority of Australians did not support.

A war that was not sanctioned by the United Nations.

A war that did not produce any evidence of the weapons program that was used to justify the invasion.

A war that has produced over a quarter of a million confirmed deaths and estimates of total civilian deaths as high as one million.

A war that has resulted in about 5% of Iraqi children losing one or both parents.

A war that has displaced over four million Iraqi citizens.

A war that has so far cost the US alone over two trillion dollars, with estimates of another four trillion in veterans benefits, interest and loan repayments over the next 40 years.

A war that destroyed Iraq's infrustructure, resulted in the loss of most of its assets and saw a $400 billion recovery fund squandered through corruption and incompetence.

A war that has destabilised Iraq and the region indefinately, spawning a terrorist state that dwarfs Al Qaida in terms of recruitment, finance and brutality.

A war where the last seven days has produced 509 confirmed Iraqi civilian deaths.

That's the decision John Howard defends. That's the decision he doesn't resile from. That's the decision he doesn't think was wrong.

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