Malcolm Turnbull, a Who's Not Who of Prime Ministers.

Malcolm Turnbull was born in Sydney in 1954. He did not grow up in poverty, with a dissability, in a remote community, the victim of domestic violence, or reliant on any number of government services. He was not a fee paying student at university or person in debt to the government for his law degree.

Malcolm Turnbull became Prime Minister in September 2015, on the basis of not being Tony Abbott. The Coalition's flagging popularity improved and Turnbull began to open up a lead as preferred PM, on the basis of not being Bill Shorten.

As Prime Minister Turnbull has largely focused on not being Malcolm Turnbull. Certainly not the Malcolm Turnbull who said "we know the consequences of unchecked global warming would be catastrophic", or "all Australians understand that high-quality, reliable and affordable broadband is a critical part of the infrastructure our nation needs to prosper in coming years", or "Children in detention is something nobody wants", or the Malcolm Turnbull who supported marriage equality, championed a republic and once said Australian's were right to be cynical about tax cuts for the wealthy.

Today we all know Malcolm Turnbull is the Prime Minister, tomorrow we get to decide if the Prime Minister is still him, whoever he is.

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