Here's a pledge for you Peter Dutton

“In my view, there is a place for the pledge in a broader rejuvenated civics effort with school-aged children, regardless of their background,”
- Mr Dutton 21/02/2018

Here's a pledge for you Peter Dutton, none of my children will be making any pledge to a government consisting of crooks, liars and shit stains like yourself.

While we're on the subject of pledges, here's one you made on becoming an MP, and also on becoming a minister:

"I, Peter Dutton, do swear that I will well and truly serve the people of Australia."

What? By constantly whinging about and denigrating all Australians to the left of you (which is most of them btw)? By spreading lies about African gangs in Melbourne for cheap political points knowing exactly what the consequences of doing so would be? By undermining, or ignoring, the judiciary and Australian law?

If a minister of the Commonwealth can swear on a bible to serve the Australian people and behave as appallingly as you and your fellow goons have done at phenomenal cost to the taxpayer for 5 years, what right have you to ask anything from our kids?

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