Happy New Year Malcolm Turnbull!

So the Government has kicked off 2018 with:

A racist Senator and accused war criminal who makes no apology for posting 'Britain First' memes, but demands a grovelling apology for being called a coward for doing so;

Peter Dutton undermining the legal system, spreading fear of non-existent African gangs in Melbourne and encouraging the rise of white supremacist vigilantism;

Revelations that the deputy PM has got a staff member pregnant and that the media colluded to cover it up until after a bi-election which had to be held because he wasn't a legitimate MP in the first place;

Further revelations that the PM knew of this affair and created a couple of high paying jobs to move the pregnant staffer onto;

Even further revelations that the deputy PM is now living with that staffer, rent free, in a house owned by a millionaire party donor who is alleged to have offered Tony Windsor a bribe to leave politics;

The deputy commander of Border Force clocking up over half a million dollars in pay while on leave because he also had an affair with a staff member and created a high paying job to move them onto;

The Treasurer still blaming Labor for government debt, which has more than doubled since this government got in five years ago;

The banning of the Eureka flag being displayed at worksites;

A court ordering that a 12-year-old girl held on Nauru must be bought to Australia after she has attempted suicide multiple times; and...

It's their first fucking week back!

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