Farewell Antivaxxer Page

Goodbye […Page Name…],

Thanks everyone, it’s been fun (no sarcasm intended). I am leaving this page due to the appearance of anti-vaxxer posts. While I am generally disposed to entertain the opinions of just about anybody (if for no other reason than intellectual curiosity), I adhere to a strict regime of not engaging with anti-vaxxers under any circumstances.

Before going I’d just like to say that attempting to debate an anti-vaxxer is worse than pointless. All you are doing is providing a platform for them to further their cause. They are a cult of conspiracy theorists who choose to believe that vaccines are harmful, irrespective of any evidence.

Occasionally they will produce what they call evidence and use it to justify their point. But when you debunk that evidence, as I have an uncontrollable urge to do, they discard it entirely. All that matters is that they have appealed to the likeminded – those who believe vaccines are harmful and will only accept evidence that supports their position.

What makes them worse than […whatever you’re always complaining about here...] is that […whatever you’re always complaining about here…] isn’t a stooge of the Homeopathy industry - who is behind all this. By a happy coincidence the Homeopathy industry are in the best position to make an absolute killing, quite literally, from people turning away from vaccines.

Worse still, if they succeed - and despite all the debunking, vaccination numbers are dropping at a worrying rate – they will significantly reduce life expectancy, significantly increase infant mortality and bring back diseases that have killed, crippled and condemned humans since we evolved from apes - diseases which science, humanity’s greatest achievement, eradicated within a generation - just so some wanker in yoga pants can make a fortune.

So I’m off to my safe space, ie somewhere where my children are safe from polio, diphtheria, small pox and a host of other horrific pathogens. I look forward to seeing many of you elsewhere on social media or better still in real life.

Please give my regards to […whoever you’re always arguing with here…], I shall miss our late night chats.


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