Dutton is Extremely Concerning

Dutton will never relent with his attacks on all perceived enemies. He will never respond to criticism with anything more than the pleasure and enthusiasm he derives from attracting it. He is a racist, a misogynist and a misanthrope for sure, but worse than that, he is a paranoid control freak, an obsessed hater, a would be dictator.

The man has an agenda to crush all he hates or does not understand. It is an agenda he has stuck to religiously in words and deed during his entire career as a parliamentarian. It is an agenda that shows no regard for civil liberties, rights or the rule of law. It's an agenda he outlined in his maiden speech and one he clearly held for many years before he came to Canberra.

As Home Affairs minister, Dutton wields more power than any federal minister in history. He also holds all power of oversight for his own department and actions. Nothing will stop this man from exercising those powers to their full extent to achieve his appalling agenda, short of his removal. That, and that alone, is what all Australians who want this country to be a stable democracy should be calling for.


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