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Contract Workers Sacked in the Philippines

For years contractual workers at the Holcim cement plant in Davao have demanded regular employment, in line with Philippine law. Last year they filed a complaint with the Department of Labor and Employment.

But in March this year 140 contract workers were laid off, while non-union workers were offered new employment contracts.

Since then the workers have been picketing the factory, but in May they found out the owner of the plant - multinational cement giant LafargeHolcim - is planning on selling the factory to notoriously anti-union Filipino conglomerate San Miguel.

On May Day the workers' picket line was violently attacked by thugs, and the union is convinced that Holcim is responsible for the attack.

If you've got 40 seconds, watch this video about their struggle.

These workers need justice, not violence and repression.

Please support their online campaign by clicking here.

And please share this message with your friends, family and fellow union members.

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