Condemn Joe's Shoe Store

Every Northcote (Melbourne, AU) local has heard of the cocktail bar, Joe’s Shoe Store. But what patrons don’t know is how this bar, and its sister-venue Uncle Joe’s, treat their staff like dirt. They pay below-award wages, ripping us off by as much $11 an hour on Sundays and by more $25 an hour on public holidays.

Earlier this year Joe’s organised a staff paint-balling event they called “fistmas”. It was held at least an hour out of Melbourne. Attendance was compulsory but they didn’t organise any transport for staff. Most of us are too broke to afford a car, so plenty couldn’t go. The following day the owners met with each of us separately. And one by one, they fired us for not attending.

They think they can get away with treating us like this because we’re casual workers. But I’ve had enough. How can they believe it’s reasonable to fire us for not attending a party? I’m calling on you to stand with me in condemning Joe’s Shoe Store and Uncle Joe’s.

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