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Weird Canadian Election

I think this federal government is so cartoonishly appalling that most Canadians, when presented with a list documenting actual things done wrong, immediately feel like someone must be exaggerating a great deal. Things can't actually be that bad, can they? I mean, we're Canadians, how bad can Canadians be?

Unfortunately, with ridings drawn up the way they are, even if the Libs and Tories trending lines keep winding around each other like a double helix while the NDP is the only one shown to sag lately, even when the Libs and Tories are statistically tied in voting intentions, the distribution of that vote share puts the Tories in minority-government territory. Yes, it shows the Liberals and NDP within range of a 209-seat coalition government, though we also have Trudeau saying "I might deal with the NDP only if they get rid of Mulcair". And yet, the same Trudeau once claimed to have supported the controversial Bill C-51 at first so that he couldn't be painted as soft-on-terrorism in attack ads this way, so we don't actually know if he's just pretending he wouldn't form a coalition because the idea is somehow seen as unpopular.

Unfortunately, elections = times of uncertainty, and uncertainty is a larger burden for anxiety sufferers. We won't have a palace-revolution type event where Harper gets replaced as Tory leader right before the election, either, because he's managed to chase away most of the other big personalities in his party during this term, or they've chosen to leave, one or the other.

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Insofar that Canada doesn't have preferential voting the immediate problem is convincing the leaders of the Liberals and the NDP to engage in electoral cooperation with a view to form a coalition government. That is the only was they'll get rid of the Conservatives.